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Garden in May



Reflecting on the beauty of nature
that has been preserved for half a century.

Beginning with Nature

SINCE 1962

We made a small garden in a hut where you can enjoy daydreams in pleasant scenery.

The wind blowing through the green leaves and the song of the birds bring you true happiness.


That's how our story with nature began.

We built a peach orchard in the abandoned 10,000m2 land.

The obsession with beauty began as we strive to understand the mother nature and

overcome challenges.

In 1970,

We founded a landscape company (formerly known as SAMYANGWON) to share

the joy of nature with people.


The land was filled with trees carefully planted over the past 20 years. More than 70 types

of seasonal flowers such as Adnois, Peony, Hibiscus, Cock's comb, and Daffodil create scenic

beauty that you cannot find in the city.


We are taking another step, hoping that more people will experience

the energy of this land and enrich their lives.

NAKWON in Nature

SINCE 1984

We opened BONGRAEHEON where you can enjoy healthy Korean cuisine with scenic nature.


In the Korean food industry, where Korean cuisine has been neglected, we use the authentic

soy sauce that was naturally fermented and marinated in a traditional way.

Our strong commitment to preserving the essence of Korean cuisine led to culinary

excellence and a healthy and delightful dining experience.


As a result, it has reinvented itself as one of the top Korean restaurants attracting not

only Koreans but also people around the world.

SINCE 2002

We have built a hotel where you can get away from busy life and escape for the whole day

of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.


Instead of cutting down trees that have grown for over 40 years, we decided to

make the building that harmonizes with the nature.

Incorporating the British garden and European castle architecture,

we have created a special place that brings European vibe at every nook and cranny,

offering the beauty of nature that changes from early dawn to sunset.

A place where architecture,
nature and people reconnect.

The five-star Mayfield Hotel Seoul, which has the largest land area in Seoul,

is the first one to be built with Korea's own capital.

Rest in nature

We fill the table with the excellent taste created based our long tradition and ingredients

we have grown ourselves.


Every day, we bring you the true value of wellness with “Rest” in the heart of the city

with our large, meticulously maintained garden and scenic beauty of four seasons.


A place that shares the flow of times and enhances the quality of your life.


Mayfield Hotel welcomes you with meticulous sincerity,

respect and the upright in heart.