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Swimming Pool

We have indoor and outdoor swimming pools for adults, kids, and the whole family at the Mayfield Hotel. The water quality is maintained for safety by using clean seawater,
which has the same level of salinity as the human body, and an active carbon filter circulation process.



Operating Hours

WEEKDAY Before Noon 06:00 ~ 11:00

Afternoon 12:00 ~ 21:30
Cleaning & Inspection Time

11:00 ~ 12:00
WEEKEND Before Noon 06:00 ~ 11:00

Afternoon 12:00 ~ 13:40, 14:00 ~ 15:40, 16:00 ~ 17:40, 18:00 ~ 19:40, 20:00 ~ 21:30
Cleaning & Inspection Time

11:00 ~ 12:00, 13:40 ~ 14:00, 15:40 ~ 16:00, 17:40 ~ 18:00, 19:40 ~ 20:00
REGULAR CLOSING DAY 2nd and 4th Monday
  • * In the afternoon, only one time is available.

Swimming Pool


Main Pool

Enjoy a scenic view of nature over the glass wall in a 25m X 8m standard swimming pool.


Family Pool

The 1m deep swimming pool is the perfect place to make happy memories with the family.


Kids Pool

The kids pool with a depth of 80cm maintains a temperature at 29 - 30℃, featuring the dolphin slide.

야외 유아풀

Outdoor Kids Pool

Connected to the indoor pools and outdoor deck, the kids pool with a depth of 80cm includes parasols and sunbeds
under the shade of large trees. (Available during the summer peak season)


  • Be sure to take a shower before using the pool and wear a swimming cap.
  • The main pool is operated with 2 lanes exclusively for members and other 2 lanes exclusively for customers.
  • Children aged 5 an over are required to use the changing room according to their gender.
  • On the day of check-out, you can use the pool until 11:00. Be sure to enter the pool before 10:00.
  • Children under the age of 13 should be accompanied by their parents when using the main pool.
    - It is not allowed to use inflatable swimming rings or wear protective gear. Any activities other than swimming are not allowed.
  • Inquiries & Reservation: T.+82.22660.9302